Photo Gallery of Heinrich Pünter's Swiss Homeland (June 2010) The following are pictures of the Village of Stäfa, Zurich, Switzerland, and surrounding areas, and includes pictures of a local winery and its owner and distant relative August (Gusti) Pünter. Click each image to enlarge
Ken enters Stäfa, Switzerland A view of the South side of Lake Zurich from Stäfa On a hill overlooking Stäfa and Lake Zurich

More Stäfa

More Stäfa

Heinrich's family Church -

The reformed Evangelical Church of Stäfa, after renovation

Weinbau means Winery

Ken visits with

Kathrin and August Pünter

Three views of the Pünter Weinbau

Other great views traveling south from Stäfa to Italy

Possible site of Heinrich's home in early 1800s

Possible site of Heinrich's home in early 1800s

Inside the Stäfa Church

A building in Stäfa dated 1756

A view of Stäfa and Lake Zurich

Building in which a member of Pünter Tree A operated a Tannery

One of the oldest buildings in Stäfa

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