The Pinters of Bureau County, Illinois A History of the Pinter Family of Bureau County, Illinois, USA - by Ken Pinter Original issue 29 June 2008 Updated December 2018


 Note: All documents are in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required) Cover, Forward, and Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1 - The Surname Issue Chapter 2 - The Pünters of Switzerland before 1850 Chapter 3 - Stäfa, Zurich, Switzerland Chapter 4 - Heinrich and Elizabeth's early Years in America (1840 - 1880)
Chapter 5 - Henry and Jacob's Families - 1880 - 1930 Heinrich Pünter 1813 - 1900
Chapter 6 - Details of the Jacob Pinter Family
Chapter 7 - Details of the Henry Pinter Family Chapter 8 - Early Farm Life in Bureau County Appendix A - Property Holdings Appendix B - Picture Album Appendix C - Miscellaneous Images Photo Gallery of the Hohenbrunner Homeland in Germany Photo Gallery of the Pünter Homeland in Switzerland Addendum - Heinrich and Elizabeth's Early Life Addendum - Heinrich and Elizabeth Immigrate


Addendum - Summary of the Immigration Addendum - The Expanded Swiss/German Connection Addendum - Hans Jacob Pinter Family Timeline Addendum - Joseph Leyes Family Addendum - The Gus Pinter Family Addendum - Leo Pinter Addendum - Lester Pinter Addendum - Lula, Herman, and Gilbert Pinter Addendum - Harold and Julia Pinter Addendum - Wunder/Weissenberger/Croisant Connection Addendum - May/Walch/Gleich Connection Addendum - Other Allied Family Connections Addendum - What Did Heinrich and Elizabeth Look Like? Addendum - Wyssling Connection Addendum - Translations Addendum - Marquette, Illinois

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