Photo Gallery of Abramo and Annina's Italian Homeland, May 2009 Comune of Sambuca Pistoiese, Pistoia, Italy These pictures show the village of Sambuca and the old castle located there, and the countryside of the Comune of Sambuca Pistoiese. Click each image to enlarge.


Village of Case Pieli These images are of the village of Case Pieli where Annina Cecchini was born and raised. The village is abandoned now and is in a state of disrepair.
Village of Stabiazzoni These pictures are of the village of Stabiazzoni where Abramo Filippini was born and raised. This village has been restored and is an active village in the summer months.
Abramo's home
Cornerstone of Abramo's home with the date of 1558 or 1658
Old lantern
Flat stones for making Necci Stabiazzoni rooftop
Stabiazzoni church Fireplace inside of Abramo's home
Old Lantern
Sauro Agostini and Ken in front of Abramo's home
The Via Francigena (a main road from Rome to the northern countries) passes through Stabiazzoni Town of Pistoia These pictures show the town of Pistoia on a sunny Sunday afternoon in May.
The Italian Connection These pictures were taken while at dinner in Pistoia, Italy, while Diane and I were visiting there in May 2009. Loris Filippini is a cousin to Abramo and Anna's children.
Loris Filippini 1932 - 2008
Sauro Agostini - son-in-law of Loris Sara Filippini - daughter of Andrea Paulo - Sara's significant other
Delia Filippini - wife of Loris ( ? - 2012) Andrea Filippini - son of Loris
Marzia Agostini - wife of Sauro, daughter of Loris Franca Santiloni - wife of Andrea Evelina Agostini - daughter of Sauro  Dario Agostini - son of Sauro Ken and Diane

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